Friday, February 1, 2013

.The Dreaded M Word.

There’s a word my Grandma likes to throw at me, pretty carelessly, in my opinion. I call it “the dreaded M word,” and even though I’ve railed against it as violently as I can ever since I was of an age to start being accused of it, it has snuck up on me in bits and pieces. Most people call it maturity. Shudder.

I am also not the kind of girl that likes to be alone with my thoughts undisturbed. I’m not a social butterfly by any means, but I am not a solitary creature either…in fact, I consider myself the queen of distraction; always music playing, always a book to read or the television on in the background, always with the dog by my side. I like white noise, and I like the comfort of my little bubble being full of familiar clamor.

Recently, though, a lot of shitty things have happened in my life and the aftermath has left me craving to be alone with everything cluttering my head and my heart. I want nothing more than to sort it all out and learn what my true, deep feelings and motives are and what’s just the pressure and influence of my surroundings. Even though I am pretty sure of the path my life is taking right now and I’m very happy going in that direction, I have the urge to know more about myself and figure out my innermost workings. And I’m beginning to see that maturing doesn’t have to be a death sentence for spirit and creativity, that maybe it just means I’m a creative, free-spirited person who is getting better about stacking my dirty dishes in the sink. It could be that I’m ready, at least in some areas of my life, to accept that particular label.

It’s strange the things I find comforting now, things that were tedious to me before, like reading the newspaper cover to cover instead of just the horoscopes and the funnies or actually cleaning the lint filter of the dryer after every load instead of just when dust comes puffing out of the trap after six or seven loads. I put real pants on to run errands rather than heading to the Wal Mart for nail polish remover in my SpongeBob Squarepants pajamas. I make lists for things to keep myself on track. I am actually looking forward to doing my taxes this year.

And I’m not really afraid to be alone with my thoughts anymore. In fact, I’m beginning to find that I relish the absolute quiet of being completely by my lonesome. I have discovered that I love my own inner-dialogue and that, usually, conversations with me, myself, and I tend to work out my personal issues faster than involving anyone else. It doesn’t make me antsy if my phone doesn’t ring for hours on end; I don’t have to take off and go somewhere if there’s nothing on television, and I don’t have to have the radio blaring when I’m driving…I can just sit with myself and feel what I’m feeling without being uncomfortable with what I might discover. I think that might be a bigger gift than always having a distraction, even a happy one.

I don’t know if this is all a side effect of one’s life being turned upside down, or simply a part of getting older, but I intend to ride the wave and see what comes of it.

There’s no point to this post, really, other than giving myself a sounding board, but truly, I’m excited to find out if this little phase is going to stick. I think it will. I think I’ll be pretty okay with that. After all, aren’t you supposed to be your own best friend?

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