Wednesday, October 16, 2013

.Odd Duck Stuff.

A couple of days ago, Liz from Buckaroo Barbie posted a blog of all the little quirky things that she celebrates about herself (read that post here), and Erin from Diaries From The Dirt Road made her own list based on Liz's original post. I loved reading them both, and decided to hop on the train as well. I sat down with pen and paper to do mine, and realized that I have so many habits that others might think are strange or silly, but to me they've never been anything but normal. Just goes to show that your perception of yourself is what really matters, as long as what you do makes you happy! Here are a few of the things I wrote down:

  • I have to put my pants, socks, shoes, jackets, etc. on left side exceptions. If I do it in the wrong order, I take it off and start over.

  • I feel incredibly naked and self-conscious without earrings in or my toenails painted. Everything else can be a hot mess, but I've always got to have just a little bling and polish.

  • I went to cosmetology school. I love makeup and hair products and tend to hoard and collect them, and spend hours reading beauty articles and watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. I know ALL the tips and tricks. However, I rarely wear makeup or do my hair and, when I do, I always wear the same trusty products and styles no matter the occasion.

  • I like plain sorrel horses. No, I love them. The more orange and ordinary they are, the more pleasing to my eye.

  • I have a hoard of drawing pencils, charcoals, colored charcoals, and colored pencils...but I only ever use a plain HB drawing pencil or a #2 mechanical pencils to sketch with.

  • I collect metal ear tags. I find them everywhere on my favorites are the ones that have names on them because it's kind of a map of the cattle industry of the area many decades ago.

  • I freaking LOVE trucks, especially cow trucks. I love riding along and have since I was a teeny little thing going in the truck with my grandpa.

  • I feel emotions toward inanimate objects. I'm afraid they get lonely, and I worry about what might happen to them.

  • In my opinion, cacti are prettier than even the most delicate of flowers.

  • I can't eat fresh eggs, except those from one awkward black hen we have. I can't explain why either.

  • The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me was while checking cows during a blizzard...I got off my horse to run into the calving barn for something or another and before I got back on, this particular fellow wiped the caked snow off my saddle seat for me. Give me little gestures like that over any rose bouquet any day.