Thursday, December 11, 2014

.The Sea Into Jars.

If it weren't for us sinners Jesus would've died in vain, and somebody's got to keep the preachers in business.

But I ain't no God-fearing woman.

Why should I fear my Father? Those who are hard to Love need Love the most, and His is unconditional. When I am lost, He finds me. When I am running, He opens His arms wide and calls me into them. He is home when I don't know where I belong. He is strength when I have no more to give.

I can always tell when He's getting ready to throw that Good Book at me.

When I don't pray like I should, not even my heart can find the words and what comes out of my mouth is nothing I can be proud of. When I don't spend enough time with my Bible, I find myself taking the wrong roads even when I can clearly see where I want to go right in front of me.

No, I don't fear God.

I trust Him above all else.

And I trust this bursting heart He gave me -- if I follow it, I cannot go wrong.

" need trust in your heart to have trust in others. Without foundations buildings fall."

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