Sunday, October 5, 2014

.Love, Part Three.

Love is the root of all things.

It is the reason we cry at weddings and break-ups, the reason we cry at births and funerals. We symbolize love with a heart, because the heart is the organ of life -- love keeps us alive, and there are more kinds of love than there are kinds of anything else in the world.

I don't use the world lightly. When I say, "I love," it's because that something or that someone genuinely makes my heart skip a little beat.

I love my Momma. I love my son. I love my horse. I love my dog. I love Jesus. I love a good, honest sin. I love tea. I love makeup. I love sleep. I love October. I love sunbathing. I love high heels. I love slippers. I love my Dad. I love my son's Dad. I love all the people who have ever broken my heart. I love Home. I love Texas. I love the rain. I love the desert. I love being alone. I love the idea that someday I might not be alone anymore. I love total strangers. I love characters in books. I love my memories. I love my daydreams. I love lightheartedly. I love more deeply than can be fathomed.

The list could go on and on and on, literally.

And when I think of it like that, think of all the things that I truly love and all the happiness that comes to me in those things, and my heart is swollen with complete joy and gratitude, I cannot understand how anyone can even utter the word, "hate." I am guilty, of course, and my own hypocrisy on the matter makes me want to ban the word from my household because I don't want my son to know the meaning of it.

Love things. Love people. List the things you love, just for the hell of it. When you're hurt and there's been a shadow cast on you, think of how powerful it is that you have the capacity to love so much that you can feel pain when it's gone. (I'm pretty sure I got that from an episode of South Park.)

Most importantly, never stop loving -- your family or your shoes or the seasons or your church, your job, or your football team, whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat -- because it's easier to find happiness in the love you give away than it is in the love you hope someone else will give you.

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