Wednesday, June 12, 2013

.Things I Wish I'd Learned Sooner/Things I'll Teach My Future Daughter.

Fear is liar.

Your worst enemy is your own head, and your biggest ally is your own heart.

When your gut tells you something, LISTEN TO is never wrong.

The "what ifs" will eat you alive.

Looks really aren't everything.

If he gets mad because you say you don't want to, lose his will not be alone forever if you stick to your principles. I promise.

The right people honestly will love you exactly as you are. I promise that too.

So what if you don't live up to their you live up to YOURS?

Be the kind of person you wish you had in your life -- be the best friend you want, the love you need, the role model you'd want your little girl to look up to.

Talk to God like you're having a conversation, He'll answer.

Forgive yourself, and do better next time.

And, above all else, Happiness is more important than perfection.